Monday, October 29, 2012

Wedding Vows and Other Life Choices

This past Saturday, we attended a wedding with Kate and Scott.  The bride and her family have been our friends since Kate was in 7th grade, the year we moved to Cedar Rapids.  The wedding was beautiful, in a traditional church with a full Catholic Mass.  The reception was at the new and modern, Hotel at Kirkwood, and it was a real thrill to be there, and especially to be hangin' with the Specials.

And while our conversations centered around all-things-wedding and the promise that one feels when witnessing two people in love tie the knot, these two married couples - the four of us - also spent a fair amount of time discussing the future, and the possibilities that float between us as options.

Maybe we should move nearer to Chicago.  Maybe they should come our way.  Maybe we should both sell our homes and move south!

The conversation actually came and went all weekend - little bits sprinkled in between real life.

In that deep place where all yearning lives, I know I want to help them when they start their family.  But how can I help from 242 miles away?  I can't be that grandma who runs over in sweats in the morning when the baby has an ear infection and mama has a conference call and Scott has to be on the job site in a few minutes.  I know, I know!  I'm writing scripts!  But how else would I spend that time in the middle of the night when I can't sleep if I didn't try to figure some of this out?

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