Sunday, October 7, 2012


We had a great Sunday chillin' in Barcelona today. We started with strong coffee and remarked that we haven't seen lids on paper coffee cups - except at Starbucks - and decided it was a cultural difference: coffee here is not on-the-go, or "take away" as they say here. Rather, it is a reason to sit and "have a good chat" - something they seem to do here way more than we do. They are definitely slower here. We went to Cathedral de Barcelona - an ancient church with the paradox of flat screens on the gothic spires so you could see what was happening on the altar. While the Mass was in Catalun, i could decipher that it is Respect Life Sunday and that marriage is key to that value. Amen, I say! We saw some Dali pieces at rhe Art Institute and decided against the 1+ hour wait at rhe Picasso Museum, instead heading to the Platja de la Barcoloneta - we had a lot of fun wading in the Mediterranean again. Tonight, we enjoyed some seafood paella and soaking up the local culture - our last night of vacay and we are feeling so lucky about our time away. Tonight is the El Clasico - an annual grudge match between Barcelona and Madrid - the streets are full of energetic citizens - some say it's a match between Spain and the Cataluns, since the Cataluns have only recently enjoyed legitimacy. Right now, the score is tied. Buenos niches and adios, Barcelona - we have enjoyed you! Tomorrow, back in the USA!


  1. Soak up that sunshine and heat while you can! We've been chilling while you were away! Travel safe!

  2. I agree w/ Virginia! The Midwest is chilllllly this week!

    Safe travels!