Friday, October 5, 2012

Monaco and Antibes

We traveled to both today. Fun trips. Monaco is def for the rich and beautiful (and smokin' thin with good shoes). We felt a bit like peasants but ironically enjoyed our cheapest breakfast ever - amazing flaky and warm croissants and fresh market fruit: total bill? Under €5! We saw the Monte Carlo casino and Shawn told me all about the James Bond movies. We climbed the steps to Prince Albert's castle and took some pretty fine shots.

We really liked Antibes and totally understand why Pablo Picasso spent his final years there - inspirational scenery and kick back atmosphere. If anyone we cared about was planning a, say, honeymoon? Our vote would be Antibes! We swam in a public beach again, with our friend the Mediterranean. I was prepared to do a Kate Middleton, but no one else was, so I went with my Midwest sensibilities and kept my t-shirt on!


  1. Wow. Gorgeous pictures! I could get used to the idea of honeymooning there (hint hint for my fiancé if he's reading this :) Your Kate Middleton comment made me laugh. Too funny!

  2. I'm w/ KK - the Kate Middleton comment was hilarious. And wow - it's GORGEOUS.

  3. Kate Middleton comment? TMI. I can see my Monte Carlo hotel in your MC. Have fun.