Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Run if you can, walk if you must, but never, ever, give up!

The half marathon experience was a gratifying challenge and we are so glad we did it.  We ran together and found it emotional and so very worthwhile.  Will we be back again next year?  If life allows such an indulgence, and the kids register again, then yes, we'll be back!
An angel volunteer at the registration packet pickup desk
We had our work cut out for us!
Pre-race dinner at the Maloneys - carb loading!
Precious DIL - is she thinking about tomorrow's race?
I forgot JFM on my leg, chalk it up to pre-race jitters.
But he was on the list on my arm, and always in my heart...
Post-race joy.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

If Not For You

This one is for you - I'm running the race for you.  It's for you.  And in case you didn't know it, I will detail it here (and on race day, I'll ink it on my arm, too)...I'm a shameless copycat, stealing this idea from Kate.

Here goes:

Mile 1 -  My parents get the first mile since they got me going in life - I'll be most excited and it should be the easiest.  Doesn't that just make sense the tribute should be theirs when I'm still happy and hopeful?

Mile 2 - For Scott, I'll think about our lakeside run and how you keep it steady during life's highs and lows (and that you and me are Kate's go-to people when things get tough).

Mile 3 - For Austin, who was born to run; you provided our training program and lots of advice when we were hurting and not once did you laugh at our little complaints about distance or pace.

Mile 4 - For Kelly, we are in it for the long haul, the long run; you'll be waiting at the finish line without a hint of impatience, even though you crossed an hour earlier.  Thanks for the carb-loading dinner last night!

Mile 5 - For my sibs.  I've chased after you my entire got me ready for today's challenge and like this mile, you've always reminded me I've got a good long way to go before I have arrived.

Mile 6 -  For my friends - Karen and Liz and Lisa and Virginia and Lynnette  - like this run, I will never forget you and what you've taught me about going the distance.

Mile 7 - For Joe, who would remind me that I'm over half way finished and then provide socio-statistical analysis to make me feel my best.

Mile 8 - For my Godchildren, Stepchildren and Sibs-in-Law - I could've been more and done more but I'm simultaneously proud and hurting - this mile reflects that.

Mile 9 - You've warned me the tough stuff is coming, Kate.  We always, always give each other the heads up on anything ugly and then just plow through the pain.  I know what's coming because of you.

Mile 10 - This is purportedly the toughest mile.  You get the tough one, Shawn.  You always have and you always will.  But just remember that I'm by your side and trying, too (maybe not smiling, but I'm trying).

Mile 11 - For Laurie, you are watching my progress and cheering me on...virtually but very much on time, just like you've always done, never missing a step with me.

Mile 12 - For Matt, you gave me a lot of great running tips and got me here (and you're waiting for me by the fountain, I hope).  And you told me we get extra calories today.  You set high goals and today I did, too!

Mile 13 -  This one is for me, babe.  It's almost the finish line.  I've got it.  It's all mine.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rockin' It, One Step at a Time!

Running is, naturally, about so much more than running.  It's about awakening that thing you used to do naturally as a kid without even realizing it.

My training methods haven't been an exact science, well actually they have, under the auspicious direction of Austin.  But that doesn't mean we followed his directions exactly.  We rested when we were injured, duh!, but our longest run was 8 miles...instead of 12.  Life got in the way - projects and work commitments and wonderful visits to Chicago, not often enough the scenic lakeside, but healthy and restorative nonetheless.  I'm feeling mean (lean?) but still not ready to run up Pikes Peak or the Copper Canyons of Mexico or anything.  I am ready for the half, I'm ready for the run.  Which is a good thing, because my alarm will be going off about 5 am tomorrow for this thing.

I learned many things the past six months:  protein shakes are delicious with vanilla lite soy milk, tart cherry juice twice a day the week before the race is advisable, my feet sweat way more than is acceptable (and way more than the rest of me), my Bobsession doesn't get me through a tough run (but huge nods to Springsteen's Thunder Road and Katy Perry's Roar), I can go farther than I ever dreamed possible...and also that I actually like to run, and that I will keep running.  My bones, my heart, the scale, and my tightly-strung nervous system all now depend on it.

I'm ready for you, Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon.  I'm coming for ya.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"He works for me..."

I just don't like that workplace language - even if I was the POTUS, I don't think I'd say it.

I find it very bothersome when middle managers (and even higher) talk this possessive way - "the woman who works for me" or "I pay you to do X"...

Unless you really ARE paying someone to help you, they don't work for YOU.  They work for the institution, the company, the big guy - but not for YOU.

You may be the lucky stiff who delegates and writes performance reviews.  But they don't work for YOU.  Get over yourself already.