Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kindness and Generosity

Today, Shawn and I attended, as a proud sponsor couple, the wedding of our first engaged couple, Dave and Michelle. It's been such an honor to help them thru the hurdles as they prepared for their marriage.  On their first visit to our home, they took a pre-marital inventory (marriage prep) test called FOCCUS - and their subsequent visits were spent talking about the points of disagreements: not only where they disagreed with the Church but also where they disagreed with each other.  It was a fascinating time that benefited Shawn and I as much or more than Dave and we pondered and dissected complex issues and prayed  - alone and with our new friends.

I just keep thinking that it really comes down to this:  kindness and generosity.  These two elements are what keeps any relationship alive, especially one in which two people co-exist in close proximity and are trying to build something together as intimate as a marriage, a home, and, well, a life.

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