Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm voting for Candy Crowley tonight!

I'm expecting some good television tonight!  Get out the popcorn.  I'm going to avoid any games as it's way too early in the week to track word and phrase usage and drink to the malarky.

While many of you know my politics, and many of my beloved readers have ideologies that are somewhat different, I like to think our respect for each other transcends partisan politics. Besides, I wouldn't pretend to know how anyone else should vote, and I certainly wouldn't try to get their approval for my truth, or try too much to force my beliefs on you, but I'm confident I know what I need to do.

I'm pretty sure I know what Jesus would do, too.

Candy - I know there's a bit of controversy about the MOU around this debate and what your role is - go get 'em - you have a long list of accomplishments behind you and I can't wait for you to hold their proverbial feet to the fire and bring some much-needed truth and clarity to the low-information, er, undecided, voters.

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  1. Candy obviously is an Obama supporter. Interrupted Obama 9 times and Mitt 28 times.