Sunday, October 14, 2012

Making Time for Joy

Being away from my kids has made made me more appreciative of them, something I didn't think was possible.

It's NOT a long trip when you're not alone! We did our three-state-swing this weekend and it was the best sightseeing in ages...

Great catching Austin in Dubuque and Joe in Milwaukee before heading to a birthday dinner at the Specials! Shout out to Scott on his fine culinary skills! Best meal all week! And fun to hear more wedding details from Matt & Kelly.

And our favorite rest stop was open Sunday hangin' at 4536!  It was the icing on a sweet weekend!

Great words for any time:  "Thank you for what I've received."


  1. "Three-state-swing." I like that! What a fun night! It was great hearing about your trip, eating delicious tacos (thanks, Scott!) and filling you in on the latest wedding details. Thanks again for the Barcelona scarf! :)