Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Siena and Florence

Wowza - is the Tuscany region of Italy beautiful! We spent last night in Siena, as in Burnt Sienna (the crayon). All the buildings are that burnt orange color, many with bright green (as the green in the Italian flag) shutters. Very picturesque. Today we met some new friends from Atlanta, Jay and Mary, we were ready to communicate with some Americanos and we gabbed all the way as we traveled to Firenza (Florence) and saw Michelangelo's David! Now that was a pinch-me moment when I first saw him! He is very buff and the artistic sculpturing is amazing, too! Michelangelo's partially-finished statue of St. Matthew is very moving, too! We experienced Brunnelleschi's dome and a few more amazing churches, one of which is the burial site for some popular guys: Galileo, Michelangelo,   da Vinci, and Machiavelli, among others. And then we saw Palazzo Pitti - Napolean's palace - that little guy was clearly self-conscious: this place is huge! We did not tour it because we agreed we would rather keep traveling the next several days! It's on to Venezia (Venice) for us!


  1. Thrilled to see this. I love your blog - so fun to keep tabs on you :) Enjoy Venice - have a Spritz for me!!

  2. Yay! Realized our vacay is 1/2 over - moving from sentimental to desperate take -it-to-the-limit mentality! Back in the USA soon! xoxo

  3. Today I drove to Bloomington, IL. Central IL is NOT Tuscany...nope, it's really not.