Saturday, October 6, 2012

Or we could simply pack our bags and catch a train to Barcelona 'cause this city's a drag.,.

I've been singing that "Holiday in Spain" Counting Crows song forever and now today we're living it - just arrived in Barcelona and hope to enjoy it on a Saturday night! It took a lot of today to reach this happening town - trendy, diverse and steeped in history. Now that the locals are speaking a language I recognize a bit, thank you 4 years of Spanish, maybe I'll be a little less obvious? Not! Actually, almost as we crossed the border into Spain, the train started adding English-speaking is weird how hearing your mother tongue in a foreign land really is comforting. We took three different trains from Nice to reach Barcelona, and traveled most of the day, enjoying each other and the amazing coastal scenery along the way. We love RailEurope, relatively cheap and convenient and fast (149km/hr). Often, we were alone on our cab of the train, which made it easy to stretch our legs. ttyl, Adios!

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