Sunday, August 4, 2013

Southern CT Shoreline

Liberty Bell - no longer in the open air since 9/11, but still cool and well worth the wait!
Portobello mushroom - a must at the Captain Daniel Packer Inne (DPI)
We began the day in Maryland and before noon had been through 3 other states, eventually traveling through 6:  MD, PA, DE, NJ, NY, CT.  Though we originally wanted to land in Newport, Rhode Island by the late afternoon, we were distracted in New London, Groton (submarine capitol of the world) and Mystic, CT.   Oh well!  We agreed not to have an itinerary, if only for a few days!

Legend says that an 8/y/o girl died of scarlet fever in Mystic, at Captain Daniel Parker Inne, but that she is playful and her biggest antics include light switches and doors closing.  Ghost hunters invited her haven't figured this out yet...

Mystic, CT - Thames River (Long Island Sound)

A big deal when the bridge goes up - Mystic CT

Like the movie - Mystic Pizza - in Mystic CT ("average pizza" per SJS)

This is what you get when you order "Bruschetta" in New England

Captain Daniel Packer Inne in Mystic CT - 250 y/o - I could call this home
A must experience

Ocean Beach Park - rated as a Ntional Geographic best beach
- in New London, CT.  So fun to step into the Atlantic...

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