Tuesday, August 20, 2013

form follows function

For so many Augusts, it was all decided for me.  I knew where my attention and energy would focus.  Immunizations scheduled, countless forms completed, an annual back-to-school tax free shopping weekend planned, new shoes for all!

We pretended for a bit this year, with our babies.  Two divergent paths going after one similar pursuit - happy, stimulating lives.  We were glad to participate in the process...Joe's move to DC, and Austin settling to Iowa City for dental school.  This week they are both going through orientation and their new opportunities provide us with excitement and hope.

While the neighborhood bus is no longer necessary, we have had things to do to prepare, to refresh, to gear up.  Summer is giving up and we are ready to welcome what's next.

An October wedding really helps with the need to be busy, to have commitments you have promised.

It's form following function and it's the way I'm happiest.

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