Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sit Stand!

As a member of a "Blue Zone" community, I've been thrilled CR/IC was chosen as a focus area where residents are nudged towards healthier behaviors, via social and environmental changes.  The Blue Zone philosophy is all about living longer and better (I was hooked when they proclaimed that moderate drinkers - like a glass of wine per day - outlive non-drinkers!).

One of their "Power 9 Principles" is moving naturally.  Apparently over the last 50 years, the need for American workers to move around has fallen (about 50% of all workers were physical on the job in 1960 - now that number is around 20%).  This decline is probably aligned with the rise in all-things-bad that we supersize.  So we are burning about 140 calories less each day and we're putting on about 12 extra pounds each year.

Did you know that getting up off the couch to change the TV channel burns 10 calories?  Also, count on burning 10 calories for stair-climbing, each and every minute!

I sure do value walking meetings!  It's good for health and seems to generate ideas and creative brainstorming.  It works best with only 1 or 2 others, though, or you are quickly talking about a reality show or the Hawkeyes or just miss out on the conversation entirely.

And then there's sitting.  Once I heard that "sitting is the new smoking" I stood right up and worked on getting this Sit-Stand Workstation for my office, installed by Shawn.  So now I stand all day and my commute has taken on a whole new meaning of acceptability.
Ergotron Sit-Stand Workstation in my office

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