Thursday, August 8, 2013

Not All Who Wander are Lost

Today was a travel day - 500+ miles (I didn't count - road trips are an absolute blast with SJS even with a 50-minute wait to cross the Hudson because of Geo. Wash. Bridge roadwork, followed closely by a forgettable and yet unexplainable bumper-to-bumper on the Jersey turnpike for another 45).  But give us a charged iPod, Siri guiding us, and complimentary hotel coffee and we've got all we need for provocative conversation, with me ultimately identifying the solution for most of the world's problems.

We didn't really think about it, since we were focused more on the rain and the roadwork, but on reflection, I realize that today we traveled through the capitol cities of Hartford and Harrisburg, as well an ultimate count of 9 states in one day - NH, MA, CT, NY, NJ, PA, MD, VA, WV!

Tonight we landed in historic Charles Town, WV because we wanted to position ourselves for tomorrow, a date we have with next door Harpers Ferry National Historic Park.  We searched this quiet, unpretentious town, but could not channel Miguels for anything, though we tried.  All the local places were too scary for me and I refused Applebee's, too, so we grabbed Sam Adams and some pizza and are calling it a day well spent.

I saw a few good bumper stickers along the way today (like the appropo title above) and also this one:  "At Least the War on the Middle Class is Going Well".

Cheers to summer road trips...

And then there's this provocative license plate - dang I love this motto:
New Hampshire:  Live Free or Die!

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