Monday, November 12, 2012

Three Little Girls

I had a chance to see two of my three Minneapolis sisters this weekend (sure did miss you, Laurie!).   So I started calling it the "Three Little Girls Reunion Party" and boy...did we! 

There's something really cool about being in this particular club.  While my parents always speak affectionately when referring to the three little girls, the four older sibs haven't always had warmth rolling off their tongues with this label (more like rolling of the eyes).  I know we injected new energy and enthusiasm into the special bond we have when we met on Saturday night, as we discussed religion, children, food, family, politics, clothing, coupons...and other life choices.

We might be sisters, but it's really the sisterhood.  Those of you who don't have blood sisters, or have lost them, often find this in other women.  The bond:  a mirror, a window, a witness, the truth.  There's just no getting away from yourself when you have allies in your life.  Cheers to Liz and Marie!

Lake Calhoun - a 3.4 mile walk on a 65 degree day in November.
It doesn't get much better than this!

And of course, wine!


  1. Missed seeing you Jen - can you come back next weekend? Have no doubt my 3 little sisters had fun. Just for the record - I have not rolled my eyes over my 3 little sisters in years- Love, Laurie

  2. Next time pls make it the four babies rather than The Three Little Girls! I was mad with ennvy.

    1. Dear baby,
      Thank you for letting us text you mid-party.
      You were with us virtually, and you get an A+ too.
      - Six

    2. Hey Anonymous: I think "envy" has one "n" and not two. I can hear it already: it was a typo...sure it was.