Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bleeding Lip

So you might think my lip is bleeding because we just endured the holiday weekend with family and friends.  No!  That's not so!  I had the best Thanksgiving ever.

I've been biting my lip at work lately.  I'm all for being sensitive and politically correct, but really?  Do we always have to kiss up and ignore down?  I'm just not into that...

One of my heroes said this:
I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.

If only I worked with Thomas Jefferson... 

So why does the person with the inflated, impressive title always get the attention, the resources, the funding?  What if they are wrong and the minion is doing the right thing?  Shouldn't we notice THAT?  Shouldn't we HONOR that?  I mean, GEEZ!  I like to eat, too, but my integrity is more important than my next meal.  Until I'm hungry.

Readers...please help me.


  1. if the person with the big title ("inflated" seems too judgemental) can fire you on the spot it tends to make the minions nervous (mortgages and need for food will do that). Here's the model: Mr. Big Shot gives me the opp to get food and shelter and I'm tell him/her they are really smart and laugh at their jokes. Not a bad deal for me. Here's the rub, for me: My boss is REALLY smart BUT she thinks she is REALLY, REALLY smart. See the problem?

  2. windycitymediaguy - do we work at the same place? Just wondering.

  3. Not sure, Jen...i work for a media company (hence the "mediaguy" part of my name) and I live in the Chicago metro (hence the "windycity" part of my name).