Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bridesmaid Kate and Other Blessings

Doesn't he have the best smile ever?

We had the fun of Black Wednesday (another fast night at the Rank's bar, thanks to Steve and Joni and very good champagne for engagement toasts to Matt and Kelly) and all the blessings that Thanksgiving brought...especially having an honored guest,  Grant Stephen, celebrating his first Thanksgiving at my home.  Everything went so well...including a short visit from our new favorite first year analyst, Joe.   But anyway...

One of my favorite moments of my Thanksgiving vacation was Thursday night when my DIL2B, Kelly, stopped by to share her really cool engagement photos.  Along with the fun of seeing their favorite pics (and the honor of receiving copies of all 600 of them), there was a lot of joy and excitement in the air when she asked her new "sister" (her words) to be a bridesmaid.  I was immensely touched, especially because the bond between Kate and Kelly is a bond that seems way less about Matt lately and way more about them.  While their loyalty and mutual admiration is noticeable, the positive effects of these two young, strong women enjoying each other goes beyond what they can offer each other -- their friendship is a gift for Matt, for me, and for the entire family.  Cheers to the Bridesmaid...and Here's to the Bride!


  1. DIL2B is a great addition to the family. it is so much fun to watch these two young, strong women interact and we are blessed to have them in our lives.

  2. Aw! This is such a sweet post (thanks, Jen!). I'm so happy Kate said yes, and I'm even more excited to have her as a sister! xo