Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's Not About the Food

Timing is everything, right?  Seeing my longtime sisterfriend Lisa as she traveled thru Iowa on I-80, was a highlight of my week month; talking with her this weekend, a few days before my favorite holiday, was perfect timing and a good reminder.  I had been thinking about how my attempts to enhance my mash potatoes - by throwing in a block of cream cheese - really under-delivered last year, and she was reminding me that we get together on Thanksgiving for bigger reasons.  She was telling me about her Thanksgiving plans.  She explained that after years of shopping and cleaning and cooking and baking - she's just not feeling it this year.  Her family has plans to relax and chill and really ENJOY each other.  Then she said they may wander out to a nice Greek restaurant.  It's just what I needed to hear:  It's not about the food.

It's not about the food:  hanging with Lisa and her family at McDonald's.