Tuesday, June 4, 2013

P. Marie

Happy Birthday to my baby sister, Marie.  I hope you have an easy day and your teams - both at work and at home - wait on you and spoil you.

As the youngest of seven children, you have had a lot of "parents" watching over you.  I remember as a ten being charged with the duty to take you to the park (Webster?) and you didn't seem very interested in what I had to say as I tried to boss you around.  You were already leading yourself, charting your course, finding your way.  I've tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to emulate your no-nonsense approach, that quiet way you allow others the floor and then chime in with just the right perspective and chart our course, without turning your head and looking behind.  Whether it's deciding on a group gift or where to celebrate Christmas, you, the youngest, lead us - and we willingly follow.

You have much to brag on, and yet you don't:  your talented children, lovely modern home, involved spouse, and huge responsibilities at work.   (I remember my surprise when visiting you at work several years ago and seeing your spacious corner office with large windows overlooking downtown Minneapolis, and not a hint of arrogance in your demeanor.  I had no idea you were a big deal at work.  It made such an impression on me, as if to teach me:  my worth isn't tied to an office, a title, an accomplishment.)

Here's to another year!  Happy birthday Marie - and thanks for all the gifts.

My baby sister, Pauline Marie

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