Monday, June 17, 2013

My Two Dads

So it's a day late but that really is consistent with what I want to say about my two dads.  Both my hubby, Shawn, and my dad, Gerry, embody the same rich component, the theme that's in my head:  that it's not just a one-day event, Father's Day.  It's been said many times before about parenting, and I'm blessed to say the two guys who I've seen fathering, up close and personal, have been at, day in and day out, for years and years.  It's easy to think I could give them the same card, year after year, with the same, very basic, message:  "Thank you for doing the hard stuff, for loving me in spite of my stupidity, for showing up whenever I have needed you and even when I didn't know I needed you. Thank you for the opportunities your hard work provided.  I love you."

Thanks, dad, for the fun times (camping comes easily to mind, along with iceskating and skiing) and the many gifts and guidance.

Thanks to Shawn for stepping in and doing the job honor (excellently, incidentally).

Hope you both felt the love on Father's Day

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