Saturday, June 29, 2013

Make Yourself Important to the People who Matter to the People who Matter to You

There's real power in giving rewards, both calculated and spontaneous.  Calculated rewards are things like hearing someone say "thank you" after you've done something nice for them. 

I had to deal with calculated rewards this week - about 14 of them - as I relayed the news to each of my direct reports of their salary increases for the coming fiscal year. 

It wasn't fun.

How do you tell your top performers that they are eligible for 2 - 3% more next year, not really anything that keeps pace with inflation, but you value their 100%+ effort and especially their going above and beyond?  How you need their input, their drive, their commitment in order to stay strong and vibrant in the coming year?  The answer lies in the spontaneous rewards, explained here:

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