Tuesday, June 11, 2013

God's Country

This past weekend, I went camping with my BFF at Blue Mounds State Park.  Driving to Wisconsin, I'm always quick to remark we are going to my birth state, aka God's Country.  We were supposed to meet Kate and Scott there, but a couple of days ago, Scott got word from his new employer that they needed his expertise on Saturday night:

On June 3rd a dump truck traveling northbound on I-294 crashed into the bridge that carries Balmoral Ave over the highway in Des Plaines. The crash caused severe damage to the outermost precast beam supporting the bridge and the IL Tollway has awarded the company an emergency contract to remove the hazardous portions this weekend. This Saturday night we plan to shut down I294 northbound entirely with help from the IL Tollway and State Police and will remove the damaged sections with a crane.

So we were disappointed for a few minutes and then thought . . . DOESN'T mean that WE have to cancel!!!

Everything was going well, including a birthday lunch with Joe and a 30 mile bike ride.  We arrived at the campsite a bit before 9 pm and fought the darkness to get camp set up.  Wine?  Check!  Firewood?  Check!  Tent and Tarp?  Check!  Our sweet double-wide sleeping bag?  Whoops!  I was a bit annoyed and was about to shift the blame to Shawn when I realized what a perfect day it had been and how, even in this moment, we were making memories.  I quickly decided I wouldn't change a thing.  Going to a non-electrical campsite is a great way to recharge the batteries.  The dark woods, the crackling fire, the birds finally settling down, quiet voices in the distance...deep conversation about matters of the heart.  It was a marriage retreat, unintended, important.
Buckley's with the birthday boy

One creature comfort - a glass of cab

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