Thursday, April 3, 2014

Relaxing Rail Ride to Germany

We spent several hours today, traveling from Prague in the Czech Republic to Eisenach, Germany.  On the way, we stopped in Dresden and Leipzig - in both cities we had enough time to leave the station and walk around a bit, in an attempt to remember it.  We saw so many quaint villages on the rail ride, as well as a couple of small castles.  We talked a lot about how the Germans started in this region, taking over these "easy" targets, well in advance of what we consider the start of WWII (e.g., in 1938).  In Dresden, we talked about the bombings and of course Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five.

We talked about our dads who served in this war - mine in the Pacific Theatre serving in the Navy and Shawn's in the Army AirCorps, and eventually shot down and taken as a POW for 9 months.

Looking at the history of this world sure does explain a lot and does help us find our future.


  1. Very interesting photos and convo! xo

  2. Riding the rails with my BFF is one of the things I really enjoy about travelling in Europe. We always have an adventure figuring out the train schedules and navigating the stations and platforms. Then to be able to sit back and enjoy Jen and the countryside as travel to our next destination is pure pleasure. I'm loving it!