Tuesday, April 1, 2014


We are here and ready for some fun...we know where your landmarks are and where we need to visit!  I didn't know I would have to channel my inner hipster so much - your freedom is so new that anything goes, it seems!  We saw roasted piglets, enjoyed beers and wine while walking the sites, saw evidence of cultural snubbing of anything religious...given the historical events of Jan Hus, it's little wonder the masses are agnostic - when you learn about what happened, you might be angry, too.

Unbelievable - this place was under rule by the communists just 24 years ago!  They are extremely liberal - I don't think we could shock them!  I like Prague - but truth be told, I'm a little buttoned up for some of what is here - where is Vienna?  There are no rules here, it seems!  No traffic lights anywhere, jaywalking is the norm...we see a kid driving another kid down a major intersection - on an office chair!  The streets are very old, with small tiles and lots of cobblestoes.

The Astromical Clock is one of the coolest things in Prague - there are 4 statues flanking the clock, representing the 15th century outlook on time and prejudices  - a Turk with a mandolin, symbolizing hedonism, a Jewish moneylender is greed, the figure staring into a mirror is vanity, and death, a skeleton who holds an hourglass, reminding us that our time is running out.   This is amazing  - but also reminds me of a simpler upbringing - we believe because we believe it is so.  

We experienced Prague, and it's freedom today - they are singing Coldplay and Fun in the streets - I'm glad to be here!


  1. It has been so much fun roaming the streets of Europe's cities with my best friend. I can't wait for our next adventure!!!!!!!!!

  2. Prague sounds like an interesting and cool place to visit. What a sight the office chair driving down the road must have been!