Friday, April 4, 2014


Sleeping next to a castle built more than a thousand years ago that sits high above a quaint town is exhilarating (not to mention extremely scenic), especially because we met up with my brothers and sisters-in-laws on vacation!

We are in Eisenach, Germany - staying at the Hotel Auf Der Wartburg and situated next to Wartburg Castle, a place that St. Elizabeth of Hungary and Martin Luther (at very different times in history, of course) called home.

This castle sits above the city of Eisenach - birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach.


  1. Beautiful castle and beautiful people! I hope you are all having a great trip! Germany looks awesome! Tell everyone hi for me. We miss you all! As I write this Matt is taking another GMAT practice test on this sunny Saturday morning in Chicago. I hope he does well and feels like he is making some progress. He has been working and studying so hard lately. I don't know how he does it all! xo

  2. UPDATE: Matt just got a 690 on his practice test!!!! That's better than the average student accepted to Booth. I'm so proud of him and I had to brag. I figured his mama wouldn't mind! :) YAY!!!!