Sunday, April 6, 2014

Europe 2014

So long, cobblestone streets, gothic cathedrals, medieval castles, and all those lost moments.  Mix in those times when Shawn and I squeeze hands without exchanging any words, just glances that show we both can't believe we're really here, seeing this, smelling that, hearing foreign words and strong accents - the very reason I love the travel:  to see the differences, appreciate the various cultures, and ultimately?  It's easy to see our sameness, a common humanity - we want love, food, security, and opportunity.

As much as we tried, we probably fell short of being "temporary locals" - but our willingness to try is exemplified in yesterday's lunch at a popular cafe in Minden, Germany - I ordered the curry wurst - and all the wonderful local pastries, wines and beers we tried.

Traveling with my BFF always works perfectly, even when we miss our connecting flight or get lost - his steady hand reminds me that all is okay in the world.  Traveling with my brothers and sisters-in-laws was a treasurable experience I won't soon forget, like Saturday afternoon when the 6 of us were piled in a rental minivan blasting down the Autobahn, listening to the Beatles!  Sharing giggles and more than a couple bottles of Spanish wine at Morley's with my sweet sisters-in-law is a real treat of a memory.  And the fact that all three of us Rank sibs avoid onions is only one of the many discoveries I made while hanging out with all of them.  Prost!


  1. Thanks to my BFF for another wonderful experience. Nothing better than being with you wherever we are. Had so much fun with my in-laws in Eisenach, Minden and Dusseldorf. Eager for the next adventure!

  2. You avoid onions?! Apparently the Rank genes aren't as dominant as I originally believed! :)