Saturday, April 5, 2014


We traveled beautiful countryside on Friday and met up again with our family in Minden, Germany - a small and quaint town with a couple of very old churches, including the 800 y/o Minden Cathedral.  Yes, I lit a candle for you.

We had a memorable evening, dining at a popular Mexican restaurant, and noted that Friday night is celebrated the same way here as back home - young adults sitting outside in small groups, drinking and laughing, and generally happy sounds welcoming the weekend in.

This morning, after sampling pastries from the local bakery, we went looking for even one of the 42 old windmills known to be in the area (by the travel books, anyway - not necessarily the locals).  We happily found one and then traveled a few kilometers to Hille, childhood town of sister-in-law Barb's maternal grandmother, Marie Louise Brandhorst.  Although the family home is gone, we walked the grounds of the church she attended, before she emigrated to the US as a 16 y/o.

At the cathedral in Minden, I read a note to visitors that included this in English, which I found especially useful to us travelers:  The Cathedral of Minden is a proclamation for you.  Don't just open your eyes, but your heart especially.  You will most assuredly go out into the world happier and more hopeful.  May God accompany you on your way.

Wow...look at the ivy possibilities!

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  1. AWESOME photos - looks like a fabulous time.