Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bye Bye Bird

My BFF found work in Iowa City for the next few weeks (thanks Liz) so I have been chauffeured to work lately, and I'm finding the commute NO BIG DEAL at all...amazing, I know!  Plus I get to sleep in a few extra sacred minutes since I am dropped curbside.

We had an eventful commute this morning!  Truckin' down 380, the Ford Ranger suddenly started to shake and then rumble.  I ignored it at first and I think Shawn did, too.  I was thinking nasty thoughts about our Ford (FORD: Fix Or Repair Daily) and also estimated a replacement serpentine belt at about a thousand dollars more than it really costs.

Within a few minutes of the rumblas, there was no ignoring this odd situation because a fine mist now appeared on the driver's side of the windshield.  Something weird was going down.  We pulled off at the next exit; the very nearby gas station was evidence that this day was going to turn out okay.

What we discovered was that some sweet bird mama or dada knew when we were in Europe and took advantage of our idle truck to build their home.  We aren't quite sure what happened since we started driving the truck again about a month ago, but we hypothesize that, today, some creature bird (the last baby in the nest?) was in the wrong place when we started down the road this morning.  The nest was in the top right corner, near where the "mist" appeared on the windshield, under the fuse panel, probably between a belt and a pulley, left undetected by last week's oil change and probably more than a month's existence.  Sorry, bird, but in the natural order of things, we are supposed to rely on the Ford more than you.

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  1. thankfully it was a bird and not a pig or cow (much bigger mess).