Wednesday, May 21, 2014

As Is

It's here again, coming back every year...and I'm grinning like the special girl I am today:  the birthday girl, eligible for retirement, and thankful for this perennial birthday gift more fully than ever before.  It is a blessing to have made it to this place, to 55 now, to experiencing myself anew, to savoring it slowly, the way my life always wanted it for me, as is.  I've slowed down a little, actually pausing occasionally now, and I'm so much more aware of what I have and who is with me...what's actually happening around me.  It's damn cool to live gratefully.
Skinny Vanilla Latte - Grande

So many wrinkles, so many choices...
Birthday Fro Yo with my favorite Iowa Citian

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  1. Happy birthday, MIL! You don't need any of those wrinkle creams but the photo made me chuckle! :)