Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 13

Happy Birthday to my dear sweet niece, Megan!  I remember the day she was born...I was a college student on summer break and the news of her birth was little more than a distraction...I barely had time for the phone call.

Sorry...but hey, twenty is different than 54.

And now when I think of her, I smile fully and pause on the gift of her life, in ways that maybe I missed earlier.

I've learned (kinda) how to poof the crown hair for volume and flattering angles.  I've learned a bit about makeup from her.  And, so many other things from this younger person, too, like how to bring energy to situations that are dismal, to bring sunshine to days that are hard.

Mostly, I've learned about the greeting.  When she greets me - when she greets anyone - she brings her whole self and really makes you feel like you matter, like you're glad you showed up.  Her smile, her enthuasiam, her hug - she's taught me that.  This young, beautiful being.  Happy birthday, Megan.  Love you!
She = pregnant.  Me = well, me.

A bird was born today - in my flower box - on Megan's day...she would like that!

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