Friday, October 18, 2013


Happy birthday to the love of my life.

Your life is a gift to all who interact with you.  My every crisis is easier, every thrill is heightened, every challenge is smoother because you choose to actively go through it with me.

So what do I get you?  How do I demonstrate my gratefulness for what you give me?  There's an Amazon package on its way, of course I didn't pay extra for shipping (ha!) so it will arrive next week, and when it does, I hope you recognize that I am absolutely clueless when deciding how to gift you back.  There's no purchase that aptly provides the message that I want you to get:  that your contribution to my life will stay with me forever, that I recognize what you bring me.

Oh - and you might be happy to know that Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 today - hip husband - and it promises to be an improvement.

As soon as I find the bacon, I'll be heading home to celebrate with you.  Chill the wine.
Love you AND like you.

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