Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We Focus on the Wrong Things

Some people are just determined to be unhappy, or so it seems.  And the only relief they seem to allow in their lives is the tiny glee they feel when they see you falling to pieces, or just experiencing something even mildly negative.  I hold back, of course, but want to throw the book at them.

We know that happy people are more fun to be around and positivity is refreshing.

Shawn Achor, in his compelling book The Happiness Advantage, contends that people who practice happiness (who retrain their brains to look for positivity - and the possibilities) are more successful - NOT the other way around.  The things we think will make us happy do not make us happy...we focus on the wrong things.

Popular thinking is that achieving a level of traditional success (work titles, material goods, power, status) begets happiness.  Achor delivers a convincing argument that happy people have a much easier time getting to success.  When you have a spare 12 minutes and an inclination to work on your own practice towards happiness, check this out:

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