Sunday, March 16, 2014

"She's going to walk before a year..."

Trip of a lifetime, even to close-by DC, because we were the willing, the wanting for this, available for the adventure.  I learned so much about Kate and Joe, and learned a bit more about myself, like who I am without my life partner, without my job, with the fun challenge of adult parent, ready for the day!

Expressions and websites and artists and politicians and books and economic theories.  Oh, and Snapchat.  I could barely take it all in but these two spoke the language of the young and informed.

One cold morning, armed with a good night's sleep and steaming Starbucks, we headed for the monuments, when, at a busy corner, we overheard a young businesswoman on her phone.  "She's going to walk before a year..."  Kate and I compared notes, naturally.  I was convinced she was talking about a baby daughter.  Kate was equally sure she was talking about a female client, in trouble with the law.

We see through different lenses.  Life is so much richer when we have the courage to share our lives.

"You fly, I'll buy..."

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