Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday night in Budapest

Budapest is beautiful - the calm, wide Danube separating Buda and Pest.  So very picturesque...Castle Hill, St. Matthias,  Chain Bridge, St. Istvan's Basilica, Parliament - we found you, in the dark tonight, just as we read you'd be, so opulent and historical.  And then we found live music at Nonloso Caffe, the soloist belting out Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra and Billy Joel in a heavy Hungarian accent...some said we sounded line we are from the States (what's THAT supposed to mean?).


  1. Budapest looks great and so do you guys! Missing our morning chat today! Xoxo

  2. malcolm and i will be there in a month!! i'd love recommendations once you return! have a FANTASTIC trip - so fun to follow along!

    1. Christine - how fun! Yes, let's talk! We loved Budapest!