Sunday, March 30, 2014

Vienna, so vunderful!

It's official - I love Vienna!  It's elegant, pleasant, pedestrian-friendly, even if a little pricey.

We took the rail from Budapest to Wien Westbahnoff and then navigated the very elegant subway (nothing dingy or smelly about it) to the center of Old Town, getting NOT LOST AT ALL!  It's great to travel with a partner who made his living reading maps and guessing traffic patterns.  Add to that, he carries my suitcase on the steps we encounter and our adventures are easy and happy, even when we don't exactly know where we are, or even where we are headed.

When we arrived in the middle of Old Town, we had a few blocks to walk and got a little twisted around.  This sweet student from Germany (studying Economics at the University of Vienna) helped us, walking and talking, he delivered us to our hotel.

We put our bags down, found our walking shoes, and walked the Ringstrasse, seeing all the tops sites of Old Town, including the Opera House, Parliament, remnants of the wall that protected Vienna for centuries (and Beethoven's home above the wall - see pic below) and St. Stephen's, of course.

We stopped at a wurstelstand and tried two different sausages (with bier, natch).  The gelato tonight was Croccolino (just a becher)...amazing hazelnut coupled with French vanilla (let's just say you can't get this at Hy-Vee)!

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