Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dance Like Everyone is Watching

Hard to take the weight off?

Try this a few hundred times a week:

I like some of Tracy Anderson's philosophies:

I do think it's important to weigh yourself every morning with a digital scale: Knowledge is power, and not something to run from. If you get yourself into a healthy routine, stay mindful of what you're eating, and move toward your goal weight with baby steps, you will find long-lasting change. This is a much more powerful mechanism than reoccurring dates with juice cleanses. It's also much less stressful, which is good for disease prevention, aging, and real weight loss. 

When this happens over a long and consistent period of time, the occasional treat becomes a moment of celebration, rather than a point of derailment. Which brings me to another important point: Calorie counting and incorporating the negative word “cheat” into your diet on the day you're supposed to be enjoying something isn't positive. Cheating isn't enjoyable on any level.

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