Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Gifts of Marriage

Yes, of course:  companionship, partnership, maybe financial security, maybe children.

But American bishops a few years back emphasized something else - a primary benefit of marriage is directed toward the salvation of others, that marriage helps us lead others (e.g., our spouse and children) to the Lord - in the "where two or more are gathered" way.

Now emptying the dishwasher doesn't seem too big a deal.

So it is with a lot of satisfaction on this day that I share a strategically-sent note: 

Kate:   It's nice that we can't see the future... because things turned out exactly as they should have.  I am glad you married Mike Maloney then... and I'm glad you're married to Shawn Steil now.

Me:     I loved your dad…and I love your dad.  And, I’m so happy to have you to love.

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  1. So sweet. And true. I completely agree with Kate and your reply made me smile. Love!