Thursday, January 31, 2013

Goodbye Girlfriend!

So it's a little overwhelming to have two major losses in one day.  Not only must I deal with the 30 Rock finale, but another big distraction in my life, my workplace, is undergoing and coming to grips with the resignation of a very popular teammate, a co-worker of 8 years, my friend Jamie.

Jamie and I found common ground very quickly when she came onboard, and it had very little to do with work or anything very technical.  We had hungry, active, treasured boys at home and wonderful 2nd hubbies.  We connected.  Our bond strengthened as we both left our comfortable lives as techies in our respective buildings to take on new assignments and join the executive suites of 38 Macbride Hall, along with the cockroaches.

Jamie has made coming to work a little easier because of her sunny disposition and her general knack of keeping things light and interesting.  She's "all that and a bag of chips" - one of her many endearing expressions I won't soon forget.  She has pulled me up more times than I care to admit as I moved from mothering to managing.  Aside from purchasing policy pain and a bunch of other  IT-related headaches, we had many other compelling topics to cover on a regular basis:  our love/hate treadmill relationship, Vitamix fun, wine, hair, shopping, shoes!  I will miss you, Jamie - and remember you.  And please, don't forget what a hard working "good girl" I am when you find yourself running your empire.  Blerg!


  1. So enriching to connect with someone. You may be on different roads so that means you will have to vary from your normal path to maintain the connection.

  2. Of course this is my favorite post! I love the explanation of our bond - oh so true. I already miss our conversations and your advice. Shawn is right and I look forward to reconnecting! Take care! P.S. I'm calling Vitamix soon and will let you know the outcome. :)