Sunday, February 3, 2013

So good . . . and so bad.

We stole away to Des Moines this weekend and met up with our friends Liz and Bill to see the much-acclaimed, provocative, blasphemous Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon.  The scathing show won 9 Tony Awards in 2011 and is on a national tour (Chicago friends - it is in YOUR area through September).  The dancing and singing is top-notch and I truly realize how live theatre (and laughing with good friends) feeds my soul.  I knew the show would be irreverant - after all, the creators from South Park co-wrote this.  Although the writing was witty and often spot-on, it does push the envelope - a lot.  Mormons best not attend - and not just because they might be offended - but because they are counseled to avoid R-rated movies.  There is no doubt this would be considered R+ rated.  But if you can get through the profanity, you'll be able to enjoy the uplifting story at its core - the human need to believe a faith-based story, to believe that there is a promise bigger than us, and the notion that we have a moral imperative to take care of each other. 

As an aside, I was fairly impressed with the Mormon church's public stance on the show, because they really took the high road and are staying focused.  The program booklet has three ads sponsored by the church, each displaying the face of a happy-lookin' Mormon with such captions as:  "I've read the book," "The book is always better," and "You've seen the play, now read the book!"

Pre-gaming at the Court Avenue Brewing Company

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  1. Interesting how different people from different faiths and different countries are still looking for the same comfort in looking for a higher power.