Sunday, January 27, 2013


Our tri-state weekend is almost over, and, driving home, er, to Cedar Rapids, although tired, I am feeling overwhelmingly renewed for the work challenges ahead this week.

Hanging out, with Shawn beside me, in Milwaukee (Joe), Chicago (Scott and Kate, Matt and Kelly) and Bettendorf (Sunday dinner with my parents and Goddaughter Jenifer) - that's better than home, because the people we visited are my definition of home. It's such a treat, such a fabulous retreat, to see loved ones moving about, smack in the middle of the fabulous lives they've created.

At Mac's American Pub, in Wicker Park.

Hangin' - after hanging some pretty awesome blinds.

Our 45 minutes in Milwaukee, on a Friday night, at a Starbucks.

A perfect hostess!  Kelly, in her new kitchen.
Special time!


  1. We miss you too! It was so fun spending time with you, and we really enjoyed having you at our new place. A HUGE thanks to Shawn for helping Matt hang the blinds. We love them. And we love you both. Come back soon!!

  2. Home truely is where the heart is.