Thursday, January 10, 2013

Depression Prevention

I took a Personal Health Assessment online tonight offered by my employer.   I admit I bit on the incentive to earn a quick sixty-five bucks.  I thought I would fly through it but actually found it worthwhile.  I know only a little about depression and there was a section on the test that was clearly trying to ascertain where you land on the happiness continuum.  I'm not hearing voices or having crying spells; for the most part, it seems my brain is behaving normally and from my POV, life is cooperating, and nicely.  But clinical depression, while being the serious kind and affecting chemical changes in the brain and all age groups, isn't the only kind of depression.

I know I've suffered situational depression from time to time - most of us have, too.  Stressful events such as experiencing a death or divorce, a job loss, other kinds of failure or isolation, can cause even the strongest among us to pull the covers over our head.  (I have, by the way, found this method very effective.)  Other methods include:
  • Controlling negative thinking every day
  • Engaging in healthy, pleasant activities like phoning a friend
  • Breathing exercises or buying cute yoga pants
  • Exercising for 30 minutes or even dreaming you will soon

The Wellness group at work really encourages facing it head on and slapping it down.

And then there was the question for the modern worker, prodding about impediments to doing your best, because of things such as personal problems, financial concerns, anxiety...or TECHNOLOGY ISSUES.  You're welcome to anyone I have ever helped with a computer question!

I also learned that I'm suppose to avoid alcohol and exercise within 4 hours of  bedtime, and also get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.  Really?  Is that even possible?  Negative thoughts are seeping back in now.  How is that going to work?   Well, I guess I actually don't fall asleep until 3 am so maybe I will be okay.  I wonder if I can start my work day at 11.

The cheery part of the assessment was my final score...I'm doing moderately okay.  It didn't hurt that I got extra points for never using clove cigarettes or smokeless tobacco - YAY for me!

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  1. A BIG thank you from your hubby on the smokeless tobacco thing................