Monday, January 21, 2013


Even though I've done this a couple of times, I've only been recently involved with 21st-Century wedding planning...wowza.  There's a lot to it! 

We were honored to attend the tasting event as part of the wedding preparation for Matt and Kelly and their big day at The Hotel at Kirkwood Center.  What a beautiful venue.

Music, cake, flowers, centerpieces.  So many many many opinions.  And the only ones that really count are the wishes and desires of the two who are making promises on this big day, their day. 

The groom - in negotiation-mode.

Decisions, decisions.

So many decisions...

Two favs

MOB with Bride and Groom...Cheers!

Champagne fountain - how fun is this?

Happily engaged...just exactly the way it should be.


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  1. I was also very impressed with this tasting event. Thank you for coming - it was so nice to have you and Shawn there with us! I loved reading your post, and you're right... so many decisions - but SO much fun! xo