Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Yes, it's a trip of a lifetime...I get it.  We just celebrated 15 years of absolute wedded bliss (and if I must say, I was quite impressed that I didn't start medicating myself when the children, one by one, packed up and moved away).  And Shawn is due a little fuss with turning the big 6-0.

And while I'm super excited to see those ancient ruins (some built 2500 years ago!) in the cradle of our civilization, and see the stomping grounds (and palaces, and bridges, and churches) of all those Renaissance guys I studied about in college, and super, super excited to see David and the Pieta...still...I'm hesitating...er, reflecting...as I know there's no more beautiful site than seeing the people you love and spend time with...and depend on the most...those people that give you meaning.  Here are a few of my favorite pics and a few of the people I will be missing while I am away...with apologies to those of you whom know you are loved and aren't included here!  

It's almost time to go...love you all!


  1. You've been in the air for 23 minutes and I miss you already!!!!!

  2. Jen, I LOVE your blog and this post is so sweet (I'm also very glad I made the list of people you will miss :)! As Kate said in her most recent blog post, you really are good with words. I know I will enjoy reading this blog. You have a new follower in Chicago!

    P.S. We miss you too!!