Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's All Greek to Me!

After a 20 hour journey, we have arrived in Athens! When we landed, we received Matt's email with CNN link about the strike on Syntagma Square near the Parliament. Workers are really fed up with the austerity measures the government is imposing. As one Greek explained it, it's never been about the tourists! Still we heard the anarchists were throwing malatov cocktails and that was a bit alarming. Our hotel is 1-1/2 blocks from the square but by the time we arrived - 18:30 - the strike was over...although evidence was everywhere, including in the air: the smell of tear gas remained and broken glass was being swept up. We had planned to ride the metro into town but because of the strike, it was not operational. We rode the city bus (saving €30 over cab fares and just as quick and with other tourists) and made friends with a couple from Wisconsin (they have a niece at the UI) and a guy from MPLS! Yes, I told them about my sisters! Anyway, we are having a great time and now my delicious Mythos beer is getting warm so ttyl! xoxo. Tomorrow: the Acropolis!


  1. The Greeks like the Germans bailing them out but don't like the austerity measures that come with the money. seems kinda funny. The beer looks yummy but it's only 2pm here.

  2. Love the blog updates! I can't believe you're in Greece right now... maybe I'll have a Greek Salad for dinner tonight! :)

  3. Awesome adventure! Thanks so much for bringing us along! I'm so glad to hear that the 20 hour journey went so well!