Saturday, September 29, 2012

Goodbye Greece

Although my anticipation for all-things-Itally is building, saying goodbye to Greece is not easy. The "live and let live" attitude is so pleasant. It is safe and no one seems too interested in our visit. The young adults are so beautiful in appearance. Lacking from the landscape: tattoos and mobile devices. Locals have cell phones - and the Greek ringtones make me smile every time - but smart phones and texting are not ubiquitous. With the shuttered windows wide open last night, the distant sounds of Greek music from the tavernas below lulled us to sleep. We met some traveling Texans last night who had many stories about their many trips and, most importantly, affirmed our itinerary and desire to carve out lots of discretionary time for impromptu adventures. The food here is fabulous...the tomatoes and olives are personal faves as well as the authentic Greek feta. I'm including pics of a typical sidewalk because I am caught up in the marble. Goodbye from Greece!


  1. I LOVE the updates! Keep 'em coming! I checked your flight status and see that you were a little delayed but arrived safely in Roma!

  2. Beautiful - I can see why it's hard to leave.