Friday, January 16, 2015

South Beach, Everglades, Marco Island

Sunset - Marco Island with a Florida Avenue IPA

Look closely in the middle of the pic - that's an alligator folks!
We loved our time in Miami.  When we woke, we immediately headed for South Beach - I've tried the SoBe diet but there's something much healthier going on around there.  Tons of nightclubs, restaurants, hotels and shops.  Everyone was super chill - no sirens, no thugs, no aggressive street sales pitches.  Beautiful sand beaches (best I've walked?) with fine white sands and no shells...public restrooms, free, clean, and ubiquitous.  We walked the 40-block Miami Boardwalk and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Southern Everglades - Tropical wetlands in southern Florida...we saw a lot of offers for airboating...we saw aqifiers, exotic ecosystems, mangrove trees, and - really cool - alligators on the swamp banks (so prevalent, like squirrels in Iowa).

Marco Island - let's's a coastal island in the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida.  Amazing wide white sand beaches.   Gulf-side sunsets.   Lots of peers.  Paradise-like.
Dirty Banana - at Quinn's, Marriott, Marco Island
Crab/Lobster Fish Tacos at Quinn's
Marco Island love