Monday, January 19, 2015

Goodbye, good time Florida!

Today we visited Siesta Key Beach - unanimously voted by travel experts as the #1 beach in the USA - I'd agree!  Powder sugar sand, miles of green blue sea accompanied by wide, clean beaches. Yes, a bit sleepy - just the way we like it.  If you need a slurpee, you can't get one at Siesta Key - but if you need some zen - it's there.  Later, we drove the neighborhoods of Sarasota and Bradenton, eventually finding our way to St. Pete's Beach - also very cool for walking, although more ground up shells to dodge (and even a bit more remote, taking more effort to visit - more tolls, but scenic, fabulous bridges).   A bagpipe musician was playing and I captured his music -  touching!  Hands down - Siesta Key is our favorite!

I wasn't thrilled about our plan to vacation in seemed so ordinary when we were planning our trip.  I knew I'd enjoy the getaway, but I underestimated how beautiful and serene the natural landscape is, how exotic the wildlife is, how much (in other, less obvious ways) it reminds me of the Midwest.  Our peers live there, to be sure.  We talked with lots of people just like us - their hearts belong to loved ones elsewhere but the calm, easygoing life in sunny southern Florida is compelling to all of us, we agreed.

Tomorrow?  Cedar Rapids!

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  1. I can't believe our time in Florida together has ended. The days and nights passed quickly but each moment was special because I was with you. I can't wait for our next adventure together!!!