Saturday, January 17, 2015


How do I like one of the wealthiest cities in the USA?  Let's just say we aren't talking to any realtors here.  I'm not sure I'll help the economy much, but I'll do my touristy best.

I actually love Naples!   We started at the Naples Public Beach, walked north to Lowdermilk Beach, turned around, walked back and ended up at Old Naples Pub (love the Naples Beach Brew).  Then, we jumped in the car and went to Vanderbilt Beach for the afternoon.  After several hours of walking, we grabbed a pizza, some brews and wines at the Beach Box Cafe about 1/2 block from the beach's entrance, and headed back to the beach for sunset!  We walked nearly 14 miles today...and tomorrow?  We are heading to the islands...
Naples Pier
Dolphin siting!
Old Naples Pub
Beachbox - Grab 'n Go (to see the sunset)
Outdoor dining - watching the sunset


  1. Vacation looks great on you guys!!

  2. Looks like you are having a great time! I'm loving all of the vacation posts and photos!