Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jan 5, 1990

Happy birthday to Big Jen.  She has been a special person in my life, because I was given the honor to be her Godmother and whenever I think of her, I feel joy.  She always warmly acknowledges me (even during the teen years), and she brings light to everyone she meets; she is magnetism and hard work packaged into one.  She is my Goddaughter, my niece, and now, if I've had any success at all, hopefully, my friend.  My big friend.  We decided years ago she was Big Jen and I was li'l Jen.  And that is really how it is. She is petite but big, and I look up to this accomplished young woman and am honored to share a first name with her.

Have a great year ahead Jen. 

And the really cool part?  The gift you've given all who love you?  Without possessing any special powers to predict anything else about the coming year, I am confident, no matter what challenges you encounter in the coming year, you will glide over them with a hearty and determined enthusiasm. 

Love you, Jen. 

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