Wednesday, September 4, 2013


There are essays and theories all over the place about the extinction of deep thinking.  The idea is that we are all so busy tweeting that we forget to notice the birds, to go inward, to focus.

And then this Lake Forest College grad pops up...her story of defeat and determination, this woman who definitely was down and got back up, again and again, and found some sacred space, in the ocean, swimming for 53 hours from Cuba to Key age 64.

But she hinted that the physical demands were not as strong as the mental requirements and the disclipline she drew upon was essential and unavailable when she was younger.  Score one for aging!

To work through the pain, to circumvent the obstacles, to achieve a life long just gives me the goose bumps and does inspire the persistent, nagging refrain - Jen, what is it that you want to try?

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