Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bad Bosses

Interesting, curious things happen at work all the time, right?  Our group, including my boss and my direct reports, received an invitation to attend a College of Business presentation on "Bad Bosses". 

Hopefully that won't be awkward.

I won't take it personally - I don't think I've cost the university billions of dollars or anything, but I also trust that I haven't demotivated the staff. 

I was fairly sure I'd be considered an "okay" boss, but you never know.  I remember reviewing a direct report's goals when he insinuated I hadn't met mine.  He wanted to get promoted and openly suggested that I hadn't done enough to get him where he wanted to go.

I told him it was his career.

He interrupted me and misunderstood me and did not listen to me.

So my eyes blurred, and I thought about what I would not eat for dinner. 

And then my defensiveness slapped me awake and I suggested that instead of just throwing rocks at our operation and my style, how would he like to help?  What would he like to lead?  What specific steps does he want to take to advance his career?

People, you can't say you want to be a leader and then refuse to step out front, refuse to step up.  I'll mentor but not mother.

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